Poseidon, 2004
Ocean Waves, 2004
Road to Television, 2004
Underwater, 2004
Mermaid Mounted, 2004
Oscars, 2004
Peeping, 2004
Bla, Bla, Bla, 2007
Ark, 2004
Garden, 2004
Ceiling Sky, 2005
Corner, 2005
Spread, 2006
Ship, 2004
Stump, 2005
Rock Painting, 2005
Circle, 2005
Book of Roma, 2004
Jostle, 2004
Notre Dame, 2004
Kiss, 2004  

The title of this work was appropriated from Carnival Cruise Line’s theme packages. Revealing constructs of American desire, these photographs focus on the display of artifice throughout environments of retail and entertainment. This project considers the tension between architecture and the marketing of social leisure and fantasy. The photographs collide surfaces and objects in the foreground and background to draw attention to a visual expectation and imperfection; both engineered by consumer marketing tactics and dictated by contemporary notions of identification.