Motif, 2011
Star Drawing, McDonald Observatory, 2012
Post, 2010
Window, 2012
Installation View, Rhombus, 2012, HD Video Still
Front and Back (diptych), 2012
Star Drawing 2 (Single Glass Paperweight at two views), 2012
Installation View (glass paperweight)
Untitled, (glass paperweight), 2012  

For an Experience of Wholeness
solo exhibition, The Digital Media Gallery, Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA

This work includes photographs, videos, and glass paperweights as part of an ongoing project that considers the relationship between spectacle and artifice. Drawing from experiences of kitsch and illusion, the work examines how our natural world is internalized and culturally replicated into framing devices and displayed objects. I'm working with found and constructed ersatz-objects from the physical world in relation to the study and abstraction of light, historical origins of spectacle, and framed presentations.