AA Meeting, 2002
Bandolino Product Meeting, 2003
Valentine's Day, 2003
Nine West Corporation, 2003
J Jill Brand, 2003
Personal Injury Lawyer, 2003
Portrait of Chair, 2003
Body Bag, 2003
Rip Van Winkle, 2003
Mid-Hudson Bridge Authority, 2003
Screensaver, 2004
Office Postings, 2003
Personal Injury Laywer, 2003
Brooklyn Bridge, 2003
Board Room Gestalt, 2003
Personal Injury Laywer, 2003
Institute for Community Living, 2002
Rhinebeck Town Court, 2002
Saint Mary's Catholic School, 2003
Heaven, 2003
Jailhouse, 2003
Intermediate School 157, 2000  

This project focuses on social spaces that examine latent themes of power and authority within American commerce and the workplace. Through veils of mediation, the photographs questions hierarchical structures within these homogenized social environments. The environments include transportation terminals, courtrooms, law offices, retail spaces, schools, corporations, prisons, and mental health facilities.